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Fruit Stem Cell Science®, Resveratrol, Glycolic AHAs- saywhat!? If skincare is little tricky to get your head around, you’re in theright place. We have curated our best skincare guides, tips and tricks toensure your skin is glowing in no time!

Ingredients for Sensitive Skincare

Ingredients for Sensitive Skincare

When you have sensitive skin that is reactive to ingredients it can feel like you’re in the lottery for “trying to figure out which ingredient my skin will react to”, a lottery we can all agree is not one you want to win! In my previous blog I highlighted some of the signs of a sensitive complexion. However, if you’ve been on a longer journey with your sensitive skin you are probably already sensitive savvy, well versed in tips and which ingredients to avoid. If this is you let’s spend the next three minutes getting into the nitty gritty of skin-soothing ingredients…

Soothing Complex

It should need no introduction, this ingredient complex in name alone carries a heavy weight title for an ingredient you want in your skincare. But the Soothing Complex that is found within the Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Sensitive range is an oasis for skin as dry and hot as the desert. Formulated with Magnolia Bark Extract and Boswellia Serrata Extract, this blend of ingredients helps to hydrate the moisture barrier of your skin, helping to reduce some sensitivity that occurs when the top layer of our skin is impaired.

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil has been whispered about, Tik Toked about, blogged about for years, and the reason is simple. It’s nourishing and rejuvenating for your skin, and rich in Essential Fatty Acids; Rosehip oil helps to rejuvenate the complexion for a more even skin tone.

Hyaluronic Acid

My only qualm against this ingredient is that I didn’t embrace it sooner. If you are like me and scared of anything that sounds remotely active, do not be deterred by the word “Acid”. Hyaluronic Acid is a dream for your skin, it’s a humectant which means it’s a molecule which is able to bind moisture to the skin and give it that glowing, hydrated complexion you read about. “Hello? Glowing Summer Skin? It’s for you!”

White Tea

I’m not talking about the tea in your cup at that 3pm slump! Rather its richer, more powerful cousin. White Tea is packed full of antioxidants meaning it’s going to help fight some of the irritants to your skin that are introduced by urban pollution. Antioxidants also help defend our skin against free radical exposure.

As always, if you are wanting to try a new ingredient and/or product for the first time, please do a patch test first. (Especially important for my Sensitive soul sisters).