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Why it’s time to make the switch to natural shower gel

Why it’s time to make the switch to natural shower gel

There has never been a better time to switch up your skincare routine and opt for an all natural shower gel. How would you like to use body care that’s bursting with rich, ingredients that care for your skin while also protecting the planet? Yes, that is the norm when you take the plunge with a natural body wash. But to really convert you to this new, natural way of life, take a look at the four outstanding benefits you can enjoy when you switch to a natural shower gel today.

1. You know exactly what you’re putting on your skin

By choosing a natural shower gel you’ll have a much better idea of what you’re actually putting on your skin. Rather than picking up a body wash, flipping it around and reading the ingredients only to be met with a wall of confusing chemicals that don’t make any sense, you’ll spot beautiful natural ingredients like rose, coconut and vanilla. Speaking of which, if those ingredients sound enticing to you, then grab yourself a bottle of the Sensitive 1000 Roses Soothing Shower Gel.

Amongst the sea of synthetic personal care products that unfortunately make up a large proportion of the market, a natural body wash is a product you can trust!

2. You’re likely to see an improvement in your skin

Because Andalou Naturals shower gels are formulated with care and with carefully chosen natural ingredients, they have properties that are beneficial to your skin.

If you’re looking for a body wash for dry skin, then look no further than a hydrating shower gel that gets all its power from naturally derived ingredients. We recommend opting for the Lavender Thyme Refreshing Shower Gel: its conditioning gel blend of rich rosehip and argan oils paired with ultra-hydrating aloe vera naturally uplifts your skin’s moisture barrier. It’s the go-to shower gel for dry skin!

3. You’ll be helping the environment

When switching to an all natural shower gel, you’re prioritising both your own wellness and the planet’s too.

Soaps that are rich in synthetic chemicals have a negative effect on your skin can also contribute to the pollution of rivers and streams, so going natural is better for you and for the planet.

4. If you have sensitive skin, get ready for less breakouts and irritations

Seeing as your skin is your single largest organ it can be affected by many chemicals from the products you apply. This is a red flag for most people, but particularly so for those who suffer with sensitive skin. So, if you’re prone to breakouts, irritations and flair ups, there has never been a better time to switch to a natural, gentle shower gel.

While in days past the only shower gel options for those with sensitive skin were medical grade scent-free, the landscape is vastly different now. By shopping at Andalou Naturals you can have your pick from a whole host of natural scented body washes that celebrate gorgeous ingredients like lavender, thyme, clementine, mint and our most popular Mandarin Vanilla Vitalising Shower Gel.


The case for making the switch to a natural shower gel has never been clearer. What are you waiting for to take the plunge? Have a look at our glorious natural shower gel range today.