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Fruit Stem Cell Science®, Resveratrol, Glycolic AHAs- saywhat!? If skincare is little tricky to get your head around, you’re in theright place. We have curated our best skincare guides, tips and tricks toensure your skin is glowing in no time!

How face masking gives you time to re-centre

How face masking gives you time to re-centre

Carve out some ‘me time’ with mindful masking

We can all put some time aside for mindful masking! Face masks add nutrients to the skin, helping you to deal with specific skin concerns. At the same time, while the face mask is working its magic, you can practice mindful activities to help you reach some inner tranquility to brighten a difficult day. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the different masks that are available for specific skin conditions, as well as some mindful activities you can enjoy.

Skin brightening masks

A brightening mask can help you to achieve a more radiant and luminous complexion. Who doesn’t want that?! Our Brightening Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask contains Glycolic AHA, Vitamin C, and Fruit Stem Cells, which have been blended with organic Pumpkin and Manuka Honey, helping to sweep away dry and dull surface cells. When you apply this face mask, you will feel a tingly sensation on your skin. This is how you know the AHAs are working their magic and dissolving those dry surface cells.

Face masks for glowing skin

If you’re looking for dewy and replenished skin, our CannaCell Glow Mask will deliver just that. It’s all in the name! This is an ideal face mask for all skin types, because not only will it detox, deeply nourish and defend your skin, it renews your surface skin cells as well . The CannaCell Hemp Stem Cells within this mask work to counteract pollution and oxidative damage, helping your skin to fight back against environmental aggressors and pollutants so your skin barrier remains intact. Rich in omegas, proteins, and vitamins, this face mask will soothe dry and distressed skin, ensuring a glowy complexion.

Face masks for sensitive skin

If you’ve got sensitive skin and are looking for the right face mask, you will want something that’s soothing and kind to your skin, even with the offer of gentle exfoliation. Our Sensitive 1000 Roses Rosewater Mask has been designed with sensitive skin in mind. Featuring Alpine Rose Stem Cells, it delivers dermal vitality and essential hydration so that your sensitive skin is nourished and soothed. Other important ingredients include Aloe Vera and hyaluronic acid, which revive the moisture barrier in your skin, as well as Pomegranate, which uplifts tone.

Looking to minimise the appearance of pores?

If you suffer from open pores, which easily get clogged and oily, you will want a face mask for oily skin. Our Instant Pure Pore Hydro Serum Facial Sheet Mask contains our Clarifying Hydro Serum, enriched with fruit stem cell complex, willow bark, and coconut water to clear away impurities and minimise the appearance of clogged pores. The result is a clear and clean complexion.

What mindful activities can you do while you’re wearing your mask and time is ticking?

As mentioned earlier mindful masking can have many benefits. Not only will you get the nourishment and skin boost that comes from using a beauty mask, but by engaging in mindful activities you can make sure that you find your inner peace enabling you to unwind and recharge your batteries for the following day.

A good place to start is with mindful breathing. Find yourself a quiet spot in your home and focus only on your breath. Breathe in through the nose, and then slowly breathe out through your mouth. While you are doing this, notice the time between every inhale and exhale, and concentrate on your lungs expanding. Every time you exhale, you should feel yourself relax.

There are a number of other things that you can do to relax your mind and body while wearing a face mask. This includes practicing basic yoga poses. Mindful colouring has also become exceptionally popular in recent years, as it enables you to take your mind off day-to-day stresses. Or, what about reciting positive affirmations? There are plenty of studies that have shown that positive affirmations lead to positive thinking.

So there you have it: an insight into mindful masking. Life is lived at such a fast pace today, and we can often wear life’s worries on our faces! You can fight back though, and that’s by treating yourself to a luxurious face mask and finding your inner zen.