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Andalou's most FAQ's

Andalou's most FAQ's

Hey Andalou beauty, yes you! Have you luckily managed to stumble across our brand and are wondering what we’re all about? Well, this blog is about to be your Andalou Naturals go-to. I’m Myk, Brand Education Manager for Andalou Naturals, and today I’m answering all the FAQs that regularly come in from you, our adored customers.

Can I use Andalou Naturals if I have Sensitive Skin?

Absolutely you can! In fact, our Sensitive 1000 Roses® range has been dermatologically tested and has been formulated with a combination of Alpine Rose, Grape and Heirloom Apple Stem Cells to support your skin’s moisture barrier, also helping to support sensitive skin conditions.


If I have Dry skin what are your top picks for me?

Our favourite range for Dry skin is our CannaCell range. You can expect to experience cooling jellies, light creams and velvety serums to nourish your depleted complexion. Whilst it’s hard to pick just one favourite in this range, a standout of the range is the CannaCell Beauty Oil. Layered with essential fatty acids and antioxidants, along with Organic Hemp Seed Oil, this oil is sure to leave your complexion hydrated and glowing.

If I have Oily skin are there appropriate products for me?

The best range for an oily complexion is our Clear skin range. The range features targeted ingredients to help blemish-prone skin become clearer and more radiant. Kombucha brightens the skin, while Willow Bark fights blemishes and Lemon Extract balances excess oil production.


What makes Andalou Naturals different?

A truly sensorial experience, Andalou Naturals products deliver an elevated, sensorial experience above your standard skincare creams and textures. What you can expect to find in our products: Targeted results, unique textures, exotic scents and vivid pops of colour. Not to mention a face mask that looks, feels, and smells like chocolate, need we say more?

Is Andalou Naturals safe for pregnancy?

Whilst all our products are designed to be safe and gentle on the skin, we at Andalou Naturals celebrate that everybody and every pregnancy is different. That’s why we recommend talking with your primary care giver on the suitability of using certain products during your pregnancy.

The pumpkin mask tingles on my skin, is that normal?

A gentle tingle is very normal when AHA’s are present! In fact, that’s where #feelthetingle comes from. Sit back and relax as the AHA’s from Pumpkin and Manuka Honey work to dissolve dull and tired skin cells from the surface of the skin. A bright pop of orange and a sweetened scent of pumpkin pie, this face masks leaves even the most tired complexions radiant and ready to face the day.

If what you’re looking for is not above, please send us a message! We love hearing from you. Now go and enjoy some Andalou goodies and of course a radiant complexion.

Be sure to do a patch test of anything new you may choose to try, as types of sensitivity can vary for everyone.