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Hello winter! Cuddle your skin with these cold weather remedies 

Hello winter! Cuddle your skin with these cold weather remedies 

As the temp starts to drop outside, and the heaters turn up inside, our transition into the colder months can, for some, wreak havoc on your skin (also on your electricity bill!). 

With this in mind we listed our tried & true tips to look after yourself AND your skin this winter, courtesy of the team at Andalou HQ.

Tip 1 - Stay Hydrated

When the weather turns chilly our skin naturally turns drier, so it's important to keep your moisture levels up. Be sure to drink at least 1-2 litres of water per day to keep yourself (and your skin!) healthy & hydrated. 

Tip 2 - Cleanse gently!

Constantly switching from the brisk air outside, to the warmth inside can lead to drier skin. With this in mind, we highly recommend making BFFs with a gentle cream cleanser to help keep skin's moisture up, while still clearing away daily build up and impurities. 

Tip 3 - Up the exfoliation!

Trust us, your winter skin can handle it! Up the exfoliation from once to twice a week to shed those extra dry and flaky surface skin cells. Don’t forget to follow through with a super hydrating moisturiser too. 

Tip 4 - Quick Showers

As tempting as they are, those long hot steamy showers can be harmful to your skin! Stick to quick, warm showers to avoid stripping away all the natural oils from your skin.

Tip 5 - Protect from UVB

SPF isn’t just for summer! As silly as it may feel, don’t forget to slip, slop, slap as the days get colder to protect from those harsh UV rays.  Keep a lip balm handy too!