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What are GMOs in skincare — and why you should avoid them

What are GMOs in skincare — and why you should avoid them
You might have heard chatter about GMOs in processed foods, but did you know they can sneak into skincare, hair care, and even supplements? Yep, GMOs are everywhere, but they’re not the best ingredients to put on or in your body.

Together with our friends at Vitable, we explain what ingredients to look out for — and why we’ve chosen to say no to GMOs.

What are GMOs?

The term ‘GMO’ stands for genetically modified organisms, which are new plants, animals or microorganisms that have been genetically engineered. In other words, they’re made in a lab.

Basically, scientists extract genes from the DNA of one species (like a plant or type of bacteria) and inject them into the DNA of another species. It’s a process known as genetic engineering (GE) or genetic modification (GM), and it creates artificial genes.

When we hear about GMOs, we usually think of genetically modified foods. It’s pretty common for farmers to grow crops like corn and soybean in this way. The problem? A lot of those GMO ingredients find their way into skincare, bodycare and makeup products — and they’re the furthest thing from natural.

The most common GMOs in beauty products

Unfortunately, a lot of commercial beauty products are filled with chemicals, preservatives and GMOs. If you spot these ingredients on a label, there’s a good chance they’re GMOs:
Canola and soy oils
Corn starch
Corn oil
Amino acids
Lauric acid
Sodium citrate
Yeast protein
Vegetable protein
Xanthan gum

In the skincare world, these ingredients are mostly found in anti-ageing products and moisturisers. As you’ve probably guessed, GMOs are becoming a big ethical issue in the beauty industry.

How to avoid GMOs

Anything we apply to it is absorbed into the bloodstream, which is why it’s so important to choose clean beauty products. The same goes for food and supplements. We don’t know the long-term impact of GMOs on our bodies, but skin irritation, allergies and digestive issues are some of the known side-effects so far. GMOs may also clog pores, cause breakouts and leave you feeling foggy or fatigued.

In Australia, GM foods have to be labelled as such, but the health and beauty industries aren’t regulated. That means you have to do your own research when shopping for new products. Luckily, there’s a label you can look for!

The best way to avoid GMOs is by choosing non-GMO skincare and non-GMO supplements. This certification is issued by The Non-GMO Project, a non-profit organisation that assesses products all around the world to verify they’re free from genetically modified ingredients. Its standards are sky-high and many certified organic products don’t make the cut. That’s because GMO crops can cross-contaminate organic crops in surrounding farms. Crazy, right?

2 non-GMO brands leading the way

Andalou and Vitable are both on a mission to support your health and wellbeing, and a big part of that is saying no to GMOs. We create products with clean, gentle and effective ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re putting in and on your body. First there was “farm-to-table” and now there’s “farm-to-bottle,” and we both believe there's a value in knowing where ingredients come from.

In 2011, Andalou became the first beauty brand in the world to achieve the Non-GMO Project seal on 100% of our products. We had to confirm that over 200 of our ingredients as well as our manufacturing process didn’t include GMOs of any kind, and testing was rigorous. This was a proud moment for us, and it aligns with our commitment to sustainability and creating pure, nutrient-rich natural skincare products. To try them for yourself, check out our popular CannaCell, Brightening and Sensitive 1000 Roses ranges.

Vitable is guided by the same GMO-free promise, and chooses ingredients that are easy to digest and absorb. From collagen and probiotics to magnesium and zinc, all its healthy vitamins and beauty boosters are produced in Australia with no nasties, no GMOs and plenty of premium ingredients in their purest form. Their non-GMO vitamins are also free from added lactose and gluten, so they’re safe for people with allergies and dietary restrictions.

Go GMO-free today

You deserve to feel good about what you’re putting in and on your body. Shop our high-performing natural skincare online and score free standard shipping on all Australian orders over $50.