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Rejuvenating Your Skin Morning & Night

Rejuvenating Your Skin Morning & Night

Andalou Naturals loves a good birthday celebration, almost as much as we enjoy a good skincare routine. Constantly experimenting with the latest biotechnology ingredients, we take the tricky guesswork out of your regime so you can treat yourself to the ultimate skincare experience.

Being 98% nature-derived, non-GMO project verified, vegetarian (with an extensive vegan offering), gluten-free and cruelty-free, we love using plant-based alternatives in our skincare. Headlining our brand new Rejuvenating skincare lineup, Bakuchiol is a game-changing ingredient, for all skin types.

Used for centuries in traditional Chinese, Indian and Ayurvedic medicine, this highly versatile ingredient offers similar benefits as Retinol, while being a natural alternative derived from plants.

Have a read below to find out why you should say goodbye to Retinol and hello to a future of plant-powered age defiance with our Rejuvenating range of skincare.


Bakuchiol is Retinol Reinvented

Much like Resveratrol, a naturally occurring chemical in red grapes and blueberries, Bakuchiol is gaining traction as a powerful anti-ageing skincare ingredient. Able to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by gently refining the surface of your skin, what makes this plant-based ingredient so compelling is its versatility. Bakuchiol can be used in conjunction with other active ingredients, unlike Retinol which cannot be combined with Vitamin C or AHAs/ BHAs. Bakuchiol can also be used during the day since it does not increase the skin’s sensitivity to light. Sharing virtually the same benefits, with fewer drawbacks, Bakuchiol is Retinol reinvented.

Active Ingredients To Support Anti-Ageing

Our natural skincare products feature several powerhouse ingredients that combine with Bakuchiol to rehydrate your skin, including:

PhytoCellTec® Fruit Stem Cell Complex: This blend of nature’s most potent bioactive stem cells extracted from the Heirloom Apple and Grape are featured across the entire Rejuvenating lineup and are designed to target a range of skin concerns while also rejuvenating your skin.

Bioactive Berry Complex: Featuring a rich portfolio of antioxidants from a blend of Acai, Aronia & Goji Berry, our Bioactive Berry Complex can protect the skin from premature ageing triggered by exposure to environmental stressors.

Acai Fruit Extract: A superfruit extract derived from purple/blackberries. Featured in our Rejuvenating Serum, Acai Fruit Extract is rich in antioxidants that fight environmental free radicals to promote a more youthful complexion.

Cupuacu Butter: Found in our Rejuvenating Eye Balm, Cupuacu Butter balances skin moisture levels by providing deep hydration to your skin.

Chokeberry Fruit Extract: Obtained from the berry’s colour pigment, Chokeberry can protect your skin against premature ageing caused by environmental stressors.

Squalane: This lightly textured oil is rich in essential fatty acids that promote a glowing complexion.

Learn more about Andalou Naturals’ ingredients by exploring our Ingredients Glossary.

Introducing Our New Retinol Alternative Routine

Our Rejuvenating Age Defying skincare lineup stimulates the skin’s essential building blocks to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin and around the eye area for a more youthful-looking complexion. The lineup includes a Rejuvenating Serum, Rejuvenating Eye Balm and Rejuvenating Cream, with each product leveraging a signature ingredient to better address the visible signs of ageing. These include a Bioactive Berry Complex, Acai Fruit Extract, Cupuacu Butter, Chokeberry Fruit Extract, Squalane and our signature innovation of Fruit Stem Cell Science.

As always, our skincare routines begin with using one of our high-performing face cleansers to remove dirt, excess sebum build-up and makeup. Once cleansed, start your skincare routine with our Acai Fruit Extract-powered Rejuvenating Serum by applying a small amount to your face and neck.

The next step is to apply our gentle and fragrance-free Rejuvenating Eye Balm*. Made using our signature Fruit Stem Cell Science, alongside a blend of Cupuacu Butter and Bakuchiol, gently pat from under the eye toward the outer corner and across the brow bone for the best results.

Finally, apply our Rejuvenating Cream to your face and neck. Boosted with Chokeberry Fruit Extract, our Rejuvenating Cream protects your skin against premature ageing caused by environmental stressors. Complete your routine by applying your choice of SPF 50+ sunscreen.

Experience the benefits of Bakuchiol first-hand with our all-new Rejuvenating skincare range and say goodbye to Retinol.

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*Note: Do not apply the product directly to the waterline; it may cause irritation or product build-up.