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Spring Skincare

Spring Skincare

Spring is right around the corner which, for some, may mean it's time to plan your transition into a new skincare routine. Luckily, we’ve mapped out our top tips for healthy skin this Spring below!

1. Scrub, baby, scrub!

Incorporate a scrub into your routine once or twice a week to help buff that dreaded winter skin away. A fun, zesty scrub for the warmer months is our Clear Skin Lemon Sugar Scrub.

2. Swap to your lighter, summer moisturiser

Swap your rich winter moisturiser for a lighter one! Your skin retains more water during the warmer months so opt for those silkier day creams. We love our Our CannaCell Happy Day Cream

3. Protect with SPF! Need we say more?

4. A mist is a must!

Giving your skin a quick hydration boost with a facial toner is a quick and effective way to refresh your skin in these warmer months. Our favourite for Spring is our Sensitive 1000 Roses Floral Toner

5. Finally, it's time for a spring clean

Give your bathroom cabinet a Spring clean! Check the best before dates of those products that you can’t remember buying and if in doubt – toss! Remember, expired skincare does more harm than good.

Image by @aliwhittle_