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3 natural ways to reduce dark spots and pigmentation

3 natural ways to reduce dark spots and pigmentation

If an uneven skin tone, blemishes and dark spots are wreaking havoc on your skin, you’ll want a skincare routine that nourishes. UV light, pollution and artificial blue light from electronic screens can all damage the skin, which means today’s fast-paced lifestyles may result in breakouts, tired eyes and early signs of aging.

Fortunately, there is a solution. By harnessing the power of natural skincare ingredients, Andalou Naturals’ skincare can help transform your skin and assist with a flawless, unblemished complexion.

What is skin pigmentation?

Pigmentation is what gives your skin its natural colour, but excess pigmentation occurs when certain areas cause an uneven skin tone or dark spots on your face. Instead of trying to cover these patches with make-up or feeling self-conscious about your skin, you can enhance your complexion by learning how to visibly reduce pimples and dark spots naturally.


How to tackle dark spots and blemishes

Dark spots can develop for a number of reasons, including exposure to the sun, aging, hormonal imbalances, skin injuries or inflammation. Blemishes, sometimes known as pimples or spots, are typically caused by a build-up of oil, dead skin cells and bacteria in your hair follicles. However, the underlying cause of blemishes can be anything from your hormones to pollution exposure.

Luckily, you can assist to reduce visible dark spots on the face and target blemishes with the help of targeted skincare for uneven skin tone. With this three-stage approach, you can look forward to a flawless complexion you can feel proud of:

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating with natural products is a gentle way to cleanse your skin and remove dead skin cells from the surface. By doing so, you can unclog blocked hair follicles and minimise the appearance of blemishes. Exfoliating with products like the Clear Skin Lemon Sugar Facial Scrub or the Clear Skin Kombucha Enzyme Exfoliating Mask can be one of the best ways to visibly reduce pimples and dark spots. By gently exfoliating the skin and removing the very top layer, the excess pigmentation is also removed, which leaves you with a more even skin tone and a glowing complexion.

After removing bacteria and excess oil with a natural exfoliator, applying the Clear Skin Willow Bark Pure Pore Toner helps to prevent new blemishes from forming.

2. Target problem areas

If your skin tends to break out in one particular area, or if you’re noticing that dark spots always appear at the same place, you can target them with stronger products. The Clear Skin Blemish Vanishing Gel is an ideal product to use on problem areas and helps prevent new blemishes from appearing.

3. Perfect your skincare routine

For a great all-over complexion, you’ll want to use a skincare routine to brighten your skin. With a brightening serum, you can give problem areas the extra care they need.

Here’s our secret routine to get even skin tone naturally: cleanse with the Brightening Chia Omega + C Radiant Skin Polish, apply the Brightening Turmeric + C Enlighten Serum, and once in a while, treat yourself to the Instant Brighten & Tighten Hydro Serum Facial Sheet Mask. This skincare routine to brighten the skin can eradicate a dull or even skin tone quickly, and these natural products will do so without causing irritation and inflammation to your already stressed skin.

Remember – moisturising is an essential part of any skincare routine, no matter what type of skin you have. Exfoliation, in particular, can exacerbate dryness, so keep your skin nourished with the Clear Skin Acai + Kombucha Oil-Free Moisturiser or Clear Skin Argan Stem Cell Recovery Cream.

Start a brightening skincare routine today

If you’re looking forward to reducing the appearance of blemishes and dark spots, why not begin a new, brightening skincare routine today? Our Brightening Skincare Kit gives you the opportunity to try a wide selection of products from our brightening range, so it’s a great way to experiment with your routine and find the best regime for you.

Brightening Starter Kit

To learn more, take our speedy skincare quiz now or get in touch with our team today. If you want to enhance your appearance with cruelty-free products, take a look at the Andalou Naturals range today. With free shipping on all Australian orders over $50 and 15% of your first order, you can transform your skin in no time!