Natural Skincare for Distressed Skin

Is your skin damaged, distressed or undernourished? The science of Hemp Stem Cells can help reinvigorate your skin and leave it healthy and rejuvenated! Andalou’s skincare for distressed skin can help restore your skin with a complete skincare routine.

Hemp Stem Cells extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant, contain superpowered antioxidants to protect from oxidative damage and environmental stressors. Organic Hemp Seed Oil, rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals and fatty acids strengthens and protects the skin barrier. Combined, these superpowered ingredients, leave distressed skin glowing, restored and in optimal condition.

Our range of CannaCell skincare utilises these ingredients to revitalise your distressed skin. Amplify your pure, natural beauty with our exfoliating enzyme, botanical rich CannaCell Glow Mask. Or, use our CannaCell Dreamy Night Cream to counteract oxidative damage and pollution for a complexion that is restored and glows.

No matter which CannaCell product you choose for your distressed skin, you’ll benefit from the restorative power of Hemp Stem Cells. Read more about them in our Ingredients Glossary, and shop now!


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