Natural Retinol Alternative

Say goodbye to retinol and hello to a future of plant-powered age defiance!

Combining our signature antioxidant-rich Fruit Stem Cell Science and natural retinol alternative, bakuchiol, for a rejuvenating blend clinically proven to smooth fines lines and wrinkles in 14*.

The best natural retinol option for those leading an outdoors lifestyle, those who have had a bad experience with retinol or know a friend who has, for those feeling limited by strong anti-ageing skincare options, and for those who are looking to eliminate the guesswork out of a routine that features other actives... this is Retinol Reinvented.

Discover our natural retinol range, offering a natural retinol bakuchiol serum, natural retinol eye balm and natural retinol cream to compliment any beauty regime. For all skin types and all life stages. Want more? Combat those fine lines and wrinkles with the best anti ageing skincare from our bestselling Age Defying range.


*Independent consumer study of 30 women after 2/4 weeks of use.


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